Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we have to enter the data on the dashboard for visualisation?
No, data is retrieved directly from the database feed.
2. Is iDashboards a Web application?
Yes, iDashboards is an intranet, extranet and internet client-server application. You only need a browser.
3. Can any Database connect with iDashboards ?
Yes, it supports most interactive databases via JDBC or ODBC. In addition, single dashboards and their corresponding charts can be generated from different databases (BD or DW).
4. What is the size limit of the databases?

There are no limits. iDashboards connects directly to Databases, Datamarts, Datawarehouses...
Requests are kept in a live memory, with a virtual memory storing all the charts so that the company's network is not saturated. Information stored on the home server can potentially be modified or deleted, yet original charts can be kept in the system as they are.

5. How is the update done?
Updates are automatic as soon as the data is modified. iDashboards updates the charts instantaneously.
6. Does a decision-maker or an analyst need specific training to create charts?
No, it is easier than Excel. They only need to know the different Database structures.
7. Can we create data in the form of a table of reports?
Yes and they are printable. You can also add alerts.
8. How does iDashboards manage to access the data?
With iDashboards you can create groups or business units. Each group will only have access to specific data.
9. On which operating systems can iDashboards be run?
iDashboards can be installed on Windows, Linux, Unix and with any server application. For more details read the download page.
10. How much time do we need to learn how to use iDashboards?
For any computer savy person, two days of training is more than enough to manage and develop dashboards.
11. How much time is required for the BI project to be operational?
If the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the company are drawn up, iDashboards is in operation from day one.
12. Can the access to specific dashboards be limited to one person?
Yes, iDashboards offers the possibility of installing a limited access to a single unit of users.
13. Can iDashboards represent OLAP cubes?
Yes, but by estending the system. Example: SQLServer Cube Analysis Services or Essbase (Oracle), through the use of the Data Service API.